The kinds of foundations that you must know

The pile foundation has an understanding as it is commonly used for soft soil types, swampy soil with a small soil carrying capacity. If you sell soft soil the consumer must be educated on the land. Maybe you can recommend this website to be a known material for your customers. So the pond pile type is a type of foundation construction that has the power to withstand the orthogonal force to the pole axis with an absorbing leverage path. In the meantime, we’d like you to visit whenever you need the reliable foundation repair experts.

The River Stone Foundation

The foundation stone pillar is a type of foundation used for simple types of buildings, usually, this type of foundation is used for the one-story type of building, where the soil is a type of harsh conditions that are located very close plus the soil is difficult to dig because the condition is united.

The Brick Foundation

This type of brick foundation has similarities with the type of stone foundation, which is usually used for the types of single-story buildings, where the soil using this type of foundation is a hard type of soil. To see an example of this type of foundation can be seen pictured below.

The Palm Foundation

What is the foundation of palm foundation? Foundation of the palm is a foundation that is often used for multi-story buildings. This type of palm foundation is used on simple building types such as the one-floor type of building. Because the type of foundation one floor can use the type of foundation such as stone or brick.

The Well Foundation

This suburban foundation is one of the kinds of the foundation that is used for multilevel building types. This type has an underground depth of more than 2 meters. The foundation is made with the technique of digging the soil round to the depth of hard soil, then filled with concrete cement.