Solution Fixing Concrete Blocks

How do I fix back the cracked concrete blocks? Although it is done as best as possible, damage to the concrete cannot be denied. In addition to its less skilled manufacturer, the damage can also be caused by the use of low-quality building materials. Increasing the strength of the concrete block structure is claimed to be the right solution to minimize the occurrence of this risk. You may call an expert worker to repair the foundation of your home, regardless of the type of foundation will be handled very well by the free foundation repair estimate in Grand Prairie TX. By its very nature, cracks in concrete beams can be grouped into non-harmful cracks, medium cracks, and cracks that are harmful. Usually, the resulting crack has a vertical pattern and a diagonal pattern. Some cracking structures are also often interspersed with hair cracks around them.

Meanwhile, according to the cause of the crack, the crack in this concrete beam can be divided into 2 kinds of flexible cracks and sliding cracks. The flexural cracking is characterized by a vertical or vertical crack pattern that is usually caused by the inability of the concrete beam to support the load. Shear fracture has a cracked pattern that is diagonal or oblique and generally occurs after the beam has a flexible crack but is not repaired immediately. Meanwhile, hair cracks are cracks that are very small and are generally caused by extreme weather effects. Cracks in the concrete beam should be fixed as soon as possible. If not, of course, the concrete beam will not be able to support the load so the building becomes unsafe.

This first solution can be used for the structure of concrete beams built on the wall. The trick is to make columns of relatively small size as the support of the beam. Can also use the poles as a buffer. In addition to maintaining the position of concrete beams, this method also serves to pass the building load from concrete beams to the structure at the bottom. The second solution can be applied in the construction of columns or columns is not possible to support the cracked concrete beams. The principle is to patch the rift and increase the strength of the beam. The way is by giving an epoxy injection into the cracked beam. After that do the enlargement of the dimension of the concrete beam with the strengthening in the external part. In this way, the concrete was no longer cracked and stronger in holding the load.