Negative Impacts of Internet Usage

The Internet has a lot of positive impacts, so visit and get fast internet access. Although it has a lot of positive impact on user alias user from the various aspect, apparently, the internet also has a negative impact. This makes the Internet the same as two knife blades, so it is sometimes useful, but also can make users lose money due to negative impact. Here are some of the negative impacts of the internet:

1. Social aspects

Feel unsafe
Easily stalked or monitored via social media
Increase crime cybercrime model
Online prostitution

2. Aspects of individual education and self-development

Can reduce student achievement
Reduces the concentration and focus of students on subjects
Make the side ignore the assigned task
May impede and also disrupt individual moral development

3. Economic aspects

Fraud in the name of online store / online shop
Increase consumerism as well as consumptive behavior on the community and also the user
Make business – store offline stores physically become decreased, even went bankrupt
There is a discrepancy between the products on display in the online store, with the actual product, so it is very detrimental to consumers.