Bridal Shower, It’s Tips By Using The Halloween Theme

The bridal shower is a party that attracted a lot of attention. Therefore, the party can make an interesting party if prepared properly. Usually, in the party, there will be many costumes that are used according to the theme of the party. You can get karnevalové masky in the right place and according to the theme of the party to be used.

In fact, you can also use the Halloween theme in the party. Here are tips you can do for the Halloween theme
1. Decorating the place
Whether at home alone or even rent a space in the restaurant, whose name is really obligatory decoration for you to realize. Expand the knick-knacks that are not far from the element of pumpkin, skull, until the spider. Continue to select colors that match with invitation only, ranging from black, orange, to purple.

2. Makeup and Costume
Well, you the party owner, of course, must totality in using costumes and apply makeup. Fun, Halloween party not only have to wear a skull costume. Lots of costume options that you can choose. Anyway, your costume and makeup should be close to the creepy and “evil” impression.