Stylish Espadrilles Shoes for Casual Style

Espadrilles shoes back a trend since some time ago. This type of masculine impression is widely worn by women to give the impression of androgyny or just want to look casual. The hallmark of the espadrille boots is located on the sole piece woven with hemp rope. Not infrequently the upper shoe model was created from canvas material. A number of brands of footwear are much-presenting espadrille with a variety of motives or details. To get Espadrille pas cher, you can visit our website.

One of the famous brand shoes is Toms. Brand footwear from California, the USA which was established in 2006 is quite a lot of shoes offer models espadrilles. One of them is quite interesting on the collection of women is a shoe with espadrille motifs cheetah pink base this one. In addition to mixing sweet colors, shoes here also has a tassel detail on the front. Espadrilles may not be the main footwear that you use every day. When you are not using it, use a stretcher or stretch the shoe to strap the inside of the shoe.